How to Post Items for Sale in your Shop

  • While signed into your account, navigate to the menu bar and select "Products", from the drop down menu select "Products Listing".
  • Click on the green "+Add Product" button. This will take you to the Add Product page. Here you can add products to your store.

Product Details

  • The first section to fill out will be "Product Details"
  • In the "Choose Product" box "Normal Product" will be the default selection.
  • The next box will be "Product Name". In this box you can choose a name for the product your selling. 
  • After you have named your product you can move down to the next box titled "Product Type", in this box you should label your product by type. (Example: Mug, Vase, Bowl, Pottery Wheel, etc...)
  • Now you should fill in the description box for your product. In this box you can personalize your font size, color and orientation. You can also add tables, videos, links and even code to help personalize your items description. Have fun!
  • After the description box you will need to choose "Product Tags" in the next box. "Product Tags" will help buyers find your product more easily when they search To enter Tags type a word that best describes your product and press enter. (Example: Bowl, Mug, Fun, Red, Party, Pottery Wheel, etc...) This will create a tag with the word you created in a green box. You can not enter the same Tag twice and to remove a tag just click on the "X" in the upper right corner of the Tag.
  • In the final box of "Product Details" you can fill in the "Product Policy". This is helpful to buyers by reminding them of you store's return and exchange policy. If the product you are listing is for custom or personalized products, you can also use this box to state your policy for those items.

Shipping Details

  • The Second section you will need to fill out is "Shipping Details".
  • The first box to complete is "Weight". Here you can list the products weight. This will inform the buyer of the product's weight. Enter the products weight in pounds.
  • Next you can check or un-check the box for "Requires Shipping". You should leave this box checked if you plan on shipping your product to the buyer. If you are offering Local Pick-Up or Delivery for the product you have listed you should un-check the "Requires Shipping" box and arrange the Delivery or Pick-Up details with the buyer.
  • The final box to complete is "Shipping Method". From the drop down menu you can choose "Marketplace Shipping" to charge the buyer the current rate for shipping the product. The other shipping option is "Free Shipping". "Free Shipping" is the responsibility of the Seller to offer and fulfill.

Pricing Details

  • The third section you will need to complete is "Pricing Details"
  • In the "Price" box you should determine the price of the product you are selling and enter it as dollars and cents. (Example: 25.99)

Inventory Details

  • Next is the "Inventory Details" section.
  • In the "Track Inventory" drop down menu you can select "Don't Track Inventory". This allows buyers to add as many of the product as they want into their cart and complete their purchase. This will mean that if you do not have the amount that it is ordered on hand, you will need to make sure to complete the customers order within an agreed upon time frame. Failure to complete a customers order may effect your standing with The second option in the drop down menu is "Track This Product's Inventory". Selecting this option, you can indicate the exact amount of the product you are listing. This will allow buyers to select only the amount you have in-stock to purchase. When you select "Track This Product's Inventory" a "Quantity" box will appear and you can enter the amount of the product you are listing you have in stock.

Variant Details

  • The following box is for "Variant Details"
  • The blue link that reads "Add Variant" will allow you to add a variant to the product you are listing. Use this function to add a variety to the same product. (Example: If you have different colors, sizes or styles for the same mug, plate, vase, etc...)
  • After you click the "Add Variant" link two boxes will appear for the Optional Name and Optional value. (Example: Large Blue Plate, Small Black Mug, and the corresponding price for those products.)


  • The "Collections" box needs to be completed before you save changes to your post.
  • The blue link that reads "View Smart Collections" will open a new tab and show you all of the Smart Collections that has generated. When you selected a Product Tag earlier in your product listing your product was automatically added to the corresponding Smart Collection. (Example: If you tagged your product as a Mug, it was added to the "Dining & Hosting" collection. This means that your product will be able to be viewed by buyers when they select the Dining & Hosting Collection from Selladon's Homepage.) Make sure to read over all of the "Smart Collection" tags so that you can tag your product to be seen in multiple corresponding collections.
  •  In the "Collections" drop down menu, "Home page" is the default selection. Note: If you did not tag your product early it will not show up in any of the Smart Collections and will only be added to when you select "Home Page" from the Collections drop down menu. This means your product visibility will be low and less buyers will be able to find your product while browsing
  • Once you have selected "Home Page" from the drop down menu, you can click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page.

    Before you add Photos to your listing, click the green "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the screen. If you do not Save Changes at this point of your product listing, you will lose all of your progress.

    Adding Photos to your product listing

    • The "Product Image" box is where you will add photos to your product listing.
    • Click the "Add Images" button, this will open the "Add Image(S)..." box. Here you can drag and drop up to 10 images for your product listing. Click the blue save button and your images will be uploaded to Note: Image can be uploaded of any dimension but we recommend you to upload image with dimension of 1024x1024 & its size must be less than 15MB. Some of your images may look like they are turned 90 degrees to the right or left, do not worry, they will be uploaded correctly. If you experience a problem, please email us at and we will assist you as soon as possible.
    • After you have uploaded your images you can edit them by pressing the "Edit" button in the "Product Image" box. Note: If you cannot edit your images right way, they may still be uploading in the background. They will finish uploading in the background after a few moments and then will be available to edit. After you click Edit Image a new box will open and you can click and drag the images you have upload to re-order your uploaded images. You can also Crop, Rotate, Resize and View your images from the "Action" drop down menu. You will also be able to delete images from the Edit Image box.