Account Creation

Registering for a Selladon account

  • Click on the link that says "Sign up".
  • Under Seller name, please enter your First and Last name.
  • Then enter your email address where it says "Email Address".
  • Create a unique password and then confirm your password.
  • Once you have completed the form, click on the "Create My Account" button.
  • Your account will be temporarily created until it is approved by, you will receive an email as soon as your account is approved.
  •  Click on the "My Account" button to start setting up your account.
  • Your Shop Name will default to your full name, you can change this to a unique name that best describes your shop and personality.
  • Then enter the city, Country and State in which you live and operate your shop. This will help determine shipping, taxes, etc...
  • Next write a short description of your shop that will grab buyers attention
  • After the short description you can then write a longer description of your shop. This should include information about you as an artist, the variety of items you will sell and any services you will provide (for example, custom and personalized items, etc...) In this box you can personalize your font size, color and orientation. You can also add tables, videos, links and even code to help personalize your shops description. Have fun!
  • Next you will need to explain your shop's policy for returns and exchanges on all the items you sell. You will be responsible, as a seller, to uphold and adhere to your own policies.
  • Finally, you should upload a profile photo to help connect you with your buyers. This does not have to be a photo of yourself, but it should be representative of your shop. You can also choose an image for your logo to help connect your products to your brand. Lastly, you can pick an image for your shop's banner to keep your shop looking sharp and attractive. 

How to set up payments with Selladon

  • While signed into your account, select from the menu bar (located at the top of the page) "Profile", from the drop-down menu select "Payment Details". From here you can choose "Bank Wire Transfer" from the "Payment Methods" drop down menu.
  • In the "Payment Details Box" please provide the following information: Your Bank name, Bank location (city and state are all you need to provide), ABA routing number (from the bottom left corner of your checks or another source), Account number (your account number at your bank or credit union)

Payments from

  • Once you set-up your Payment Method you will be able to receive payments from for the items you sell in your shop.
  • pays out weekly based on the confirmed shipments of the week. Payments will be sent on Friday by the end of the day.
  • You will confirm shipments by sharing the tracking information in your account . All tracking information must be submitted by 5:00 pm Eastern time.