We're currently in "beta" launch mode.  Please let us know if you have questions/suggestions, or if you need help completing the sign up process.  You can reach out to Georgia and Sean at partners@selladon.com. 


Tired of competing with imported mass-produced mugs?  Selladon is a new marketplace 100% focused on supporting creative artists. We do not allow manufactured products on our site.  Every seller on Selladon has been approved by our staff with a commitment to supporting our wonderful community.

What Are Your Fees?

As a Selladon Artist, you only pay a fee on items sold, (No Listing Fees) we’ll take a commission of $1.00 or 15% (whichever is higher) of the order total after it is sold.  Selladon fees cover order processing expenses, including credit card processing fees, and contribute to ceramic educational programs.

There are no fees unless an item is sold.  There are no fixed monthly fees either. There are no fees for posting an item for sale.

How Do I Receive My Funds?

Once Selladon receives a valid shipping tracking code from the seller, we will disburse funds to your account. 

Funds are paid out to your bank account on record. You will be able to enter that information securely via the seller portal.

Returns & exchanges

You can choose to accept Returns and Exchanges

I accept returns or exchanges

If you choose to accept either returns or exchanges, add time frames in which buyers need to Contact me within and Ship items back within.

I don’t accept returns or exchanges

If you choose not to accept returns or exchanges, buyers may still file a case against you in certain circumstances.

I'm Ready! How Do I Become a Seller?

Each Seller on Selladon must be approved by Selladon before they can offer products for sale and receive funds.  We do this for regulatory reasons, but most importantly, to ensure that we are supporting artists who make hand-made art.  

To sign up, please follow the link below. You will be taken to a marketplace sign up form.  After you enter your contact information, you will receive an email with further instruction on how to complete your profile on the Seller Portal.  

The Seller Portal is our marketplace management tool. There you will be able to create products and manage your profile. You will also have access to order information, customer questions, and much more.  We'll be adding new functionality very soon, stay tuned!

We also have a detailed FAQ page where you a find a step-by-step guide on how to join, create products and fulfill them.  

If the FAQs don't answer your question, just drop us email us at sellers@selladon.com

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